solar wind hybrid street light(Place Of Origin:Guangdong China (mainland) Brand Name:Hrs )
  • solar wind hybrid street light,100w solar led street light
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  • Min. Order :50 Piece
  • Region:China
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  • Place Of Origin:Guangdong China (mainland)
  • Brand Name:Hrs
  • Model Number:Hrs
  • Type:Solar Hybrid Street Light
  • Name:100w Solar Led Street Light
  • Pole:Hot Dip Galvanized Coating
  • Battery:Silicon Energy Battery
  • Led Source:Aluminum
  • Lumen(lm):100-120lm Per Watt Led
  • Solar Panel:Poly Or Mono
  • Efficiency Of Solar Panel:More Than 18%
  • Payment:T/t,paypal,western Union,l/c,cash And So On
  • Level Of Protection:Ip65
  • Working Time:8-12hours
100w solar led street light
1.CE,RoHS certificates
2.Silicon battery-45 to 70
4.Pole Hot dip



Product detail                                                                             


How does it work?


The prices of 100w solar led street light on the principle of the photovoltaic cell or solar cell. The solar cell converts solar energy to the electrical energy which is stored in the battery. The solar lamp draws the current from this battery and it requires no other wiring.

The prices of 100w solar led street light , a form of the renewable energy. These days it is common to see the solar street lamps along the sides of roads. The solar street lights comprise of the photovoltaic cells, which absorb the solar energy during daytime. The photovoltaic cells convert solar energy into electrical energy, which is stored in the battery. At the nighttime the lamp starts automatically and it consumes the electricity already stored in the battery. During the day time the battery gets recharged and the process keeps on repeating every day.

Models of prices of 100w solar led street light
1) Sodium Vapor Lights: The sodium street lights use sodium in excited state to discharge the light. These lights comprise of the solar panels that absorb the solar energy during daytime, which is converted into electricity and stored in the batteries. At nighttime the sodium lamps consume electricity from rechargeable battery. There is no wiring required for these lamps, there are no electricity bills to be paid, they are very safe and can light the streets from 4 to 12 hours depending on the size of the solar panels and battery. The sodium solar street lights can be used for lighting streets, public places, residential areas, parks, plaza etc.

2) Solar LED lights: LED stands for light emitting diode. LED comprises of the chemical compound that gives of the light when direct current (DC) from the battery passes through it. Solar LEDs are available from number of companies in different sizes, shapes and styles. The life of LED is usually very high extending up to 50,000 hours. The LEDs require very little current hence the solar panels of smaller sizes are required for the solar lights with LED lamps.

3) Solar Light Controller : Solar lights using induction technology: In this technique the lamps used in the solar lights do not contain the filament or the electrodes that tend to get damaged faster, thus ensuring very high life of the lamp. The life of the lamp in solar street lights based on induction technology can be more than 10, 0000 hours, which is almost 100 times the life of the incandescent lamps. These results in lower maintenance and electrical costs and fewer disturbances caused to the traffic on the road. Since these lights are based in induction technology, they generate lesser heat, thus permitting the use of aluminum reflectors that increases the intensity of the light produced by the lamp.


 Solar Street Light Install User Manual

1. knowleage solar street light
solar street light components and working principle Solar street light was composed mainly by solar module, intelligent controller, maintenance-free batteries, light source, such as light poles and structural components. The working principle of solar street light are solar cell components of solar radiation during the day will be converted into electrical energy, maintenance-free batteries to charge the battery to the evening by the light source to provide electricity load, the light source automatically when in the dark. Intelligent controller for storage battery over-charge and over-discharge, had put the protection, and the open time and switch time of the light source for control.

2. foundation pouring
1).To determine the location of floor lamp; reconnaissance geological conditions, if one meter of surface are soft soil, it should deepen the depth of excavation; At the same time, the location of the following excavation to confirm there are no other facilities (such as cables, pipes, etc.).There is no long time shading objects at the top of street lamps, or want to replace the location appropriately.

2). In the legislature reserved the location of the lamp (excavation) in line with the standard one cubic meter pit ; for pouring position to the embedded parts. Embedded parts placed in the pit to the middle, PVC pipe threading on the end pieces are embedded between the other end on the storage battery (as shown). Embedded parts to keep the foundation and the original ground surface at the same level (or screw the top and at the same level as the original ground surface, according to the venue may be necessary), there is the side parallel with the road; so the poles were erected in order to ensure that after the correct without deviation. Then fixed in C20 concrete pouring, pouring out the process of vibration or shock stick to ensure that the overall compactness, solidity.

3). Construction completed and timely clean-up position on the board of residual mud residue and impurities in waste oil cleaning bolt on.

4).Concrete solidification process, it is necessary to conserve water from time to time; to be completely concrete solidification (typically more than 72 hours), in order to install the chandelier.

3.  The installation of solar panel
1).battery positive and negative output components connected to the solar regulator at the former have to take measures to avoid short-access;
2). solar cell components with support to connect to a solid and reliable;
3).components of the output line should avoid exposure, and firmly tie bar;
4). the battery components to be heading towards the south in order to compass point to prevail.

4. The battery is installed
1).When the battery box under the control of light using light have to take to prevent the damaged control box;.
2). Between the battery cable bolt pressure must be at the terminal on the battery and the use of copper pad to enhance the conductivity.
3). Output line connected to the battery under any circumstances after the ban on short then, to avoid damage to the battery.
4).The output line of batteries and the controller poles must be linked through the PVC pipe threading.
5). The above is completed, check the controller side of the wiring to prevent short circuit. Well after the normal clearance of the door control box.

5.  lamp installation
1). For each part of the fixed components: solar panels at solar panels fixed on solar Panel Mounting, lamp holder fixed to the pick arm, and then pick stent arm and fixed to the main bar, and cable into control box to wear (battery box).
2) Lifting the poles before to check whether the strong parts of fasteners, lamp installation is correct, whether it is normal for light work. And in the simple normal debugging system; release controller cable on solar panels, light work; cable connected to solar panels, lights out; controllers simultaneously on careful observation of changes in the indicator; all belong to the normal before lifting installation.
3). Lifting the main poles, the attention to safety precautions; screws fastening the absolute good,components angle towards the sun such as the wrong point of view, end up required to adjust its direction towards south.
4) The battery into the battery boxes will be in accordance with the technical requirements of connecting lines connected to the controller; to access the battery, making the load, and then take the solar panels; cable operator must pay attention to when the connection with the controller on each of the terminals marked Then should not mistake, positive and negative poles of the collision should not, should not take anti-; otherwise, the controller will be damaged.
5) Normal debugging system; release controller cable on solar panels, lights; cable connected to solar panels, lights out; controllers simultaneously on careful observation of changes in the indicator; all belong to the normal, well before closure control box.

6. Solar street light Notes    
HRS solar responsible to provide users with the installation of street light and solar power to provide technical services and advice. If the user to install light at the ground, paying attention to the matter as follows:
1, Solar street lights to solar radiation energy, radiation in the optical components on the battery if sufficient sun lamps light a direct impact on results, so the installation of light at select locations, the battery components at any time be able to have exposure to sunlight, and shelter materials, such as non-leaves.
2. When threading wire must not pay attention to the folder of the connection at the poles. Wire connections should be firmly connected and entangled with PVC adhesive tape.
3. When used, in order to ensure the appearance and the battery components to better reception of solar radiation, you clean a battery every six months on the dust components, but not bottom-up rinse water.
4. With the products of any questions, please contact us directly.



Welcome to send enquiry to us,we can send the quotation lists in the first time.And Because all clients lived in different countries with different climate  so that we have to know three points as below,then the quotation will be acurate.

1.The installation place?

2.The power of LED source?

3.The height of pole?


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